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Typically, fuel cells have a 40%-60% efficiency (compared with 25% for photovoltaic generators and 30% for coal-generation stations), which can climb to 85% if the exhaust heat is fully utilized. Fuel cells are the most energy-efficient devices for extracting power from fuels. Capable of running on a variety of fuels--including hydrogen, natural gas and biogas--fuel cells can provide clean power for applications ranging from less than a watt to multiple megawatts.
What You Need to Do
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    Contact a fuel cell vendor to install a fuel cell system.
  • Where can I find contractor to help me complete recommended projects?
    Through our Contractor Tool, you can search for contractors and find the right fit for your project. You find out details about the contractor such as what types of certifications they have and where they are located. You can also directly find reviews when available. From there it is easy to connect and get started with your projects. A quality installation of equipment increases the benefits and efficiency of your new equipment.
  • Why should I ask my contractor about the most energy efficient products?
    Energy efficient products usually have lower operating costs and frequently qualify for rebates.
  • If I complete this measure, can I track my savings over time?
    If you mark an item on your plan as completed, we will track your estimated energy use and savings over time. We can use this to find additional savings options.
  • How can I learn more about available tax incentives?
    The efficiency tax credit incentivizes homeowners to purchase Energy Efficiency products. Consult your tax advisor for further information.
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